Play [ksipna mama e3ipsdcc] free online jigsaw puzzle
Play [ksipna mama  e3ipsdcc] free online jigsaw puzzle

I'm a Puzzle!

Convert any picture into a free jigsaw puzzle online.

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Free jigsaw puzzles online

Play unlimited jigsaw puzzles for free.

Daily jigsaw puzzle

Every day a new jigsaw puzzle for you.

Jigsaw puzzle maker

Create, play and share free online puzzles out of any picture or video.

Play online jigsaw puzzles for free

I'm a Puzzle is a free puzzle game that allows you to create and play puzzles out of any picture or video.

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

It is very easy and intuitive to turn a picture into a puzzle using the online puzzle creator. You can select from the 9 different modes:

and 5 difficulty levels:

You can create puzzles from your pictures or play unlimited games from our huge gallery. Share your custom-made puzzles with your friends or social media without registration. You can even create a video puzzle!

Im a Puzzle is mobile-friendly, works on any browser, and requires no additional installations nor extensions. Learn more about our free jigsaw puzzles.

I'm a Puzzle main screen

Daily jigsaw puzzles

Every day we add a new picture to the Ima Puzzle jigsaw puzzle gallery. You can browse the gallery by category, by tags, or search for a keyword. All users can submit jisgaw puzzles to the users' gallery.

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How to create online jigsaw puzzles?

To create an online jigsaw puzzle, open the page in your browser, press the button My Pictures, and select a picture from your device. You can choose one of the different game modes and difficulties. To play the puzzle right away, press the Play button. To share it with your friends, press the Share button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Classic puzzle games


The jigsaw puzzle is probably the most traditional picture puzzle game in the world. In this mode, the image is cut into curvy format pictures, tear apart, and scrambled. To solve the puzzle, click on the pieces and drag them to the right place. To help you on this task you can display an image miniature or the photo over the game board.

One of the most common ways to solve a jigsaw puzzle is to start with the borders. To show only the border pieces, click on the Border button.

The classic jigsaw puzzle game

Special cuts

Besides the classical jigsaw mode, you can also play jigsaw-like puzzles using the original ImaPuzzle's special cuts: Hearts, Stars, or Honeycomb.


In the swap puzzle mode, the picture is cut into rectangular pieces and scrambled around the board. To solve the puzzle, you have to swap two pieces until all the pieces fall in their place. To swap two pieces click on one piece and drag it over the other piece you want to exchange.

If you need some help, additionally to showing the image preview you can also show the piece number by clicking on the Number button. Please note that by showing the numbers you will add a high penalty to your game score.

Sliding puzzle

Sliding puzzle

The sliding puzzle (or slide puzzle) is also a digital implementation of a classical puzzle game. Like in the swap puzzle, the pieces are cut into squares and shuffled on the board. The bottom-right-most piece is never present creating a blank space. The goal of the game is to recreate the image. To do so, one has to slide a piece to the blank space creating paths to finally the pieces to their right place. It is a very challenging game mode and to facilitate your task you can also show numbers on top of the pieces.

Sliding puzzle

Educational puzzles

I'm a Puzzle is the only free puzzle website that provides game modes to help educators create fun and educational puzzles to complement school activities. Any teacher can create and share a free online jigsaw puzzle without registration.

Quiz puzzle

The Quiz Puzzle is a unique online puzzle game where the player must solve quiz questions to reveal the pieces. It is a fantastic way to create an entertaining learning method to complement any subject. You can create unlimited free quiz puzzles and share them with as many people as you like. You can even mix up images and text to make even more fun questions and answers or to cover lessons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders.

Quiz puzzle screenshot

Math puzzle

The Math Puzzle works like the quiz puzzle, but instead of solving quiz questions, the students must solve math problems to reveal the pieces. It is perfect to help students to exercise their math abilities playfully. You don’t even have to write the math exercises yourself. All you have to do is to configure the difficulty and the puzzle maker will generate different questions every time a new game is started. This way also, the students won’t learn the questions by heart but need to calculate every time they play.

Math puzzle

Pro puzzle

If you want to track who played your puzzle and which questions each player got right, you can create a Pro Puzzle. The Pro Puzzle is free for educators and to unlock it you need to log in before creating the puzzle.

Thematic puzzles

Based on the current season and holidays calendar, we create different thematic puzzles. The Easter puzzle, Holiday puzzle, Halloween puzzle, and Christmas puzzle are just some examples of thematic puzzles we publish regularly during the year. Now and then we might create one-time thematic puzzles like the Covid puzzle or create some competition or challenge for our users.

Come back often to check out the new game modes, new features, and promotions.

Promotional and marketing puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles or picture puzzles are a perfect way to promote your brand. I'm a Puzzle has no restrictions for commercial use, meaning that you can create promotional puzzles and marketing campaigns for free.

If you need more customization for your campaigns you should check out our Exclusive Puzzle and Premium Puzzle offers. In the Exclusive Puzzle, you can customize the website with your brand logo and colors. And in the Premium Puzzle, you can turn off the ads and game helpers.